About Us

Who We Are.

Eastern Sun Tours and Safaris is a family-run boutique tour operator specializing in Tanzania Safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro treks, Cultural tours and beach holidays. Started in 2010 by Mercy and Simon Laizer of Arusha, Tanzania, Eastern Sun Tours and Safaris is fully licensed and registered with the Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (TTB). Eastern Sun is also a member of Tanzania Tour Operators (TATO) and the Kilimanjaro Association of Tour Operators (KIATO).

Eastern Sun Tours and Safaris is the culmination of Mercy and Simon’s many years in Adventure Travel operations and sales. We laid the further groundwork by testing the waters – traveling extensively and learning along the way – in North America, UK, Middle East, and several African countries, with special emphasis on mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

We committed our themselves to create a tour company that delivers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to our clients – but at the same time so impresses guests that they return to Tanzania again and again. Tours include Luxury adventure, Comfort Safaris, and Budget Camping Safaris.

Mercy Laizer

– Founder

As Masai women I can say that I love the travel industry and I dedicated my life doing something that I always had on my dreams, with a tremendous Long experience and great knowledge in Tourism industry and thorough understanding of client’s needs and the quality of service required, Me and my Team are eagle to provide to all our guest a great visit to this amazing Country and providing a fantastic personalized service and assure you have a trip of Lifetime. Myself have travelled as far as USA, Canada, UK, South African, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda and mostly the mainland of Tanzania and Zanzibar. My long experience on travel and adventure industry will assure you that you will be in a good supervision.

Simon Kishoka

– Director / Operation

Born and Raised in Arusha Tanzania, Simon has been working on transport and hospitality sector for over a decade, with great experience on travelling abroad Canada, USA, Qatar and in-site knowledge travelling in the northern Tanzania parks for years, his great knowledge on the geography of the whole Tanzania and Zanzibar, Simon is the overall for all the ongoing tours and managing all the logistic. Accounts. His knowledge will assure your travel will be well managed and an enjoyable safari.

Nancy Kayan

– Travel Consultant

Young and energetic graduated her Bachelor in Information Management at Tumaini University in Dar es Salaam and considering pursuing her knowledge in different aspects at Eastern Sun Tours and Safaris. She is at Sales and reservation department. She loves the travel industry and will assure all the guest requirements are well taken care of.

Brighton Simon

– Support Staff

Mr. Brighton is the head of Marketing and information management at Eastern Sun Tours. He has the good knowledge of what is needed to keep the company moving forward, he is also the expert on Sales department.

Diana Peter

– Support Staff

She looks all the departments and overseas the bookings and Arrivals, also she helps in accounting and Finance of the company.

Meet With Our Team

The company has a wide experience and offers excellent personalized services tailored to meet your specific preference. We have distinguished, reputable and growing clientele base.

We work with individuals, companies, and groups in organizing all kinds of eco tourism in different areas such as, cultural, religious, nature and adventures.

We work together and closely as a team with our customer to make sure that we live up our promise, ensuring that booking and planning a holiday through us is an enjoyable and trouble- free process.

Let Enjoy Wildlife Safaris

Our guiding principle is to work with each client, family and group in an individual way. We encourage you to work with us, discussing your interests, style of travel, budget, time frame and any other factors that would influence your trip.