Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Tanzania

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Tanzania

Ballooning takes place at sunrise, which means a chilly journey to the launch and a pre-dawn wake up with steaming coffee.
Hot air balloon While viewing the giraffe at the bottom
Hot air ballon safris in Serengeti national park while you watching a wildebeest eating grass
Serengeti national park hot air baloon with the hapy couples

Quick Facts: 11-Days safari

As the giant balloons slowly fill with hot air and rise ponderously above their attached baskets, a wave of excitement washes over you. Take-off is a raucous, rough event, which adds to the excitement and heightens the sense of calm once you’ve reached cruising altitude. The subtle whistling of air currents and occasional ‘ooohs’ from your fellow adventurers disrupt the silence, as does the hum of the heating flame. It’s freezing up there, so dress warmly!

As sunlight unfurls in dazzling colors on the eastern horizon, the area below you is silent in the peace of dawn.

As the earth warms, wildlife begins to move; the cool of early morning is the finest time of day for game viewing, and a hot air balloon provides a particularly spectacular view of the plains. Unlike helicopters and light aircraft, the balloon can soar very low above large herds, offering it one of the greatest ways to experience the entire splendor of the Great Wildebeest Migration.

When you return to solid ground, a lavish champagne brunch awaits you, prepared and served on the savannah — the ideal way to cap off an unforgettable and relaxing safari.


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  • Light aircraft transfers as detailed in the itinerary
  • All scheduled safari activities offered by the camps or lodges
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Outward Flight:
– Overnight from London Heathrow to Nairobi International
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– Overnight from Nairobi International to London Heathrow