Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Walking safari in Tanzania: the most authentic safari experience

Walking safari infront of the giraffe
Walking safari with the guide in Ngorongoro craters
Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo Forest inside muchison hills

Our Tanzania walking safaris at the Ngorongoro Highland to the foot of the Rift valley floor has become a well known destination in recent years, this is one of rare chances and a great opportunity that tourists have to come closer to the wild on foot and interact more with the animals, bird life, flora ect. For those who choose this type of itinerary, will leave them with unforgettable and exhilarating memorable experience walking for not less than 3 days and get to see different types of hoof animals as from Zebras, Giraffe different type of Antelopes, beautiful Bird life, other small cats as Jackals and and many types of Flora. There are few other destinations which specialize in walking safaris eg. beautiful Usambara Mountains, Nature walk at Arusha National Park, another short walk at the Border of Serengeti National Park. let us know and we will show you where you can get the best of our walking safaris with us.

Typical Walk Tours; The walks covers open grassland through a natural amphitheatre created by encircling volcanoes. Masai people rush out of their traditional homes (Boma’s) to greet tourists as they pass by. The steep walk up

Empakai affords awe-inspiring views, especially from the top where the sheer sided sunken crater can be seen. On day 3 of the walk (trek) the walk/trek continues across the tough uncompromising terrain of the valley floor, the final walk will welcome you on extreme heat and admire one of the finest views in Africa. The sweeping vistas of the Rift Valley, the scattered active volcanoes, primitive rock formations, glimmering soda lakes, the final night will be celebrated at the Lodge or Camp under the clear night on African sky line under the stars.