Ruaha National Park


Ruaha is the ‘other park’ on the Southern circuit, located in the heart of the country. Ruaha’s relative inaccessibility has produced un a park that receives significantly fewer visitors than the Selous and any other park in the Northern circuit. Traveling this far rewards you with a wild environment of baobab-studded hills and steep escarpments that are home to outstanding levels of game, including good predator concentrations, massive elephant and buffalo herds, and a cross-section of species from southern and eastern Africa.

Ruaha is a far wilder park than its Selous neighbor, and as a result, it offers better game viewing, despite the lack of boating safaris.

Ruaha has a great advantage in that it has very few lodges while being Tanzania’s largest National Park. Overall, an immensely gratifying area to visit on safari, and while we believe Katavi to be Tanzania’s best kept secret, Ruaha is unquestionably a more economical option and an incredible addition to any Tanzania safari vacation.

This park is one of our favorites! With very few tourists and excellent pricing, the game viewing here is among of the best in the country. The park is a stunning contrast to the Selous and provides tourists with a considerably more wild experience than they would have had otherwise.

What you can count on from Ruaha is fantastic wildlife in a very wild and natural setting; Ruaha is massive but still relatively unspoilt. The lion viewing around Mwagusi is particularly good, and the park’s overall predator concentrations are better than many other parks in the country. Overall, a fantastic and reasonably priced safari destination!