Selous Game Reserve


The Selous is not only a fantastic site for seasoned safari enthusiasts, but it also serves as an excellent introduction to unspoiled Africa. The wildlife viewing is great (especially during peak season months), the nature on show is some of Africa’s most pristine, and the sheer variety of activities available makes for a fantastic safari. The Selous features the biggest array of safari activities of all the Tanzanian safari parks, including some of Africa’s top walking, boat safaris, and fly camping expeditions. The boating safaris, in particular, distinguish this reserve from the rest of Tanzania’s parks. The fact that the Selous is much quieter (in terms of visitors) than the rest of the country just adds to its allure.

The Selous Game Reserve, located in southern Tanzania and far from the madding crowds, is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of our favorite wildlife viewing locations. It’s a true hidden treasure! The Selous’ rivers and lakes are the lifeblood of a park that is home to elephants, wild dogs, buffalo, hippo, crocodiles, and lion prides, among other animals.

We are huge Selous fans, as you may have guessed. The truth is that this park is so big that counting the animals is impossible, which is exactly what we like about it: Selous is untamed African wilderness that is nevertheless easily accessible from Dar and Zanzibar. In general, we believe it is our favorite Tanzania safari location.