Mikumi National Park

mikumi national park

Mikumi National Park is located in the Morogoro region, to the north of the Selous Game Reserve. It is bounded on the north by the Uluguru Mountains and on the south by the Rubeho Mountains. The Mkata River Flood Plain is the park’s most prominent feature. In 1975, the park was expanded to include the Selous Game Reserve. During the construction of the Morogoro-Iringa highway in 1964, it was gazetted. The Selous Game Reserve and the Kilombero Game Controlled Area share the park’s eco-system.

Mikumi National Park is a well-known park in Tanzania, covering 3,230 square kilometers. Elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, elands, greater Kudu, wildebeest, roan, and sable antelope are all found in the park.

Tree-climbing lions (which are plentiful), leopards, wild hunting dogs, and black-backed jackals are among the predators.

More than 400 bird species have been documented here, including Eurasian migrants such the red-billed oxpecker, marabou stork, and purple breasted roller, which visits from October to April. Shelley’s double collared sunbird, light billed hornbill, violet-crested Turaco, and violet-backed starling are among the more fascinating bird species found in the Miombo woods.

The surrounding mountains and hills provide captivating natural beauty, as well as excellent lighting, making it an ideal location for wildlife photographers.
Elephants, lions, and even giraffes are frequently seen on/along the Tanzania-Zambia highway, especially late at night. Leopards are very common nowadays.